What is this .. Future punk?


“existing or occurring at a later time” — Merriam Webster


“A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group.” — the free dictionary


Future Punk is a blog about everything above, but also an upcoming cyberpunk -themed massive live-action roleplaying (LARP) event held in Finland.

Game masters, players and organizers wanted!


  • Hundreds of players re-enacting a future space port in a corporation ruled future where technology is ubiquitous.
  • A weekend -long game.
  • The currency of choice in the event is Bitcoin. There will be actual bitcoin hot dog stands and space port souvenir shops.
  • All sorts of gadgetry
  • A wireless Intranet, where the game news are updated live and where the players’ characters have their social media connections etc.
  • One or more online radio stations that can be listened to even outside the event – in case players want to know what’s going on and they don’t sleep at the scene.

You can take part in the game as a written character, carrying plot items and perhaps expensive hacking gear – or you can optionally take part as a gang member not in any way connected to the space port patrons. In the latter case – you will write your own character within the guidelines we give you.

Price for connected, written players: ~40€

Price for unconnected players: 20€

The price includes lodging, maybe some food (but you’re advised to bring most of your own food or enough Bitcoins for the grill) and a weekend long event filled with mystery. Not to mention the space port disco, which has the most hip venues and glamorous VIPs in town.


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  1. Aapo Kurko

    Academically interested, might help out with writing the characters or stuff, no promises there tho

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